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 омитет по физической культуре, спорту и туризму ћурманской области



Old News


The top ten of friends /rivals on a competition of a rank of the winner Arktik Trofi 2017 waits for a meeting.

є Name The team The car Country/city Start number
1 Joony Waal, Oystein Hansen Patrol y60 Norway
2 Alexey Veselov, Per Morten Loberg Toyota Land Cruiser KZJ70 Russia/Norway 7
3 Mikhail Petrov, Belyanin Sergey UAZ 31519 Russia, Kandalaksha
4 Andreas Bildengjerdingen, Jo Are Eggen Nissan Patrol Y60 Norway
5 Alexander Zaitsev, Alexander Dvinin, Alexey Chychinov, Artemis Zaitsev UAZ 31512 Russia, Murmansk 18
6 Jorgen Johnsrud, Fredrik Hoiby Patrol y60 Norway
7 Christian Moen, Otto Rustand, Stein Fjeldheim, Trond Mjoes MB Gwagen Norway
8 Kenth-Stian Myklebust, Malene Diep Myklebust Mercedes G Norway
9 Kristian Haraldseth, Paal Sundbye Land Rover Discovery TDI Norway
10 Reutov Sergey, Kalashnikov Denis UAZ31514 Russia, Murmansk

Also we remind, in Arktik Trofi 2017 can't participate more than 30 cars.

07.11.2016 The first on Arctic Trophy 2017 the team from Norway as a part of Joony Waal and Oystein Hansen was declared.
Arctic Trophy 2017 will pass in traditional terms (the first week of September) Ц start 9/2/2017 in Kandalaksha. The finish Ц not later 9/10/2017

On September 10 the announced program Arktik Trofi came to the end 2016.

The known statement not to an exchange of famous Nikolay Prizhevalsky read to me by Vadim Telov (responsible for salvation arctic trofist hands and legs of trofist) became a keynote of this year: And LIFE is FINE BECAUSE it is POSSIBLE to TRAVEL.

The grandiose adventure of Arctic Trophy Expedition 2016 was already described, but I will remind the driest facts: having passed in seven days 840 km of the directions of the Kola Peninsula within 3 days, we didn't meet any person on the way. There passed month, and before eyes the tundra leaving for the horizon rocks in a step to hummocks under ATV wheels.

Arktik Trofi a marathon someone considers a competition traditional, someone legendary, adherents Ц the compulsory provision of confirmation of life. Participants of the 23rd competition in 7 days were in time urinate boots not only in the White Sea, but also in the Ledovity ocean, to be torn through the ancient woods of the South of the Kola Peninsula, to reach heaven from tops of Khibiny Mountains and to glance for the horizon of the tundra of the southern coast of the Barentsevy sea.

The award found heroes:

- commercial intuition prompted to Konstantin Danov that the spirit on a victory isn't enough for a competition of a prize-winning place, it is necessary to resist to foreign avtosportstoitel driving the car of competitive level. And he constructed it, without having forgotten to fill a form with content Ц two bystry navigators Alexey Motviyenko and Roman Danov Ц 1 PLACE

- 12 years there was to today's result Alexey Karpov and together with the navigator Dmitry Shigarov monetized persistence to 2 PLACE

- Alexander Zaytsev changed Toyota for Land Rover, and Land Rover on the UAZ and didn't make the wrong choice of the partner Ц Alexander Dvinin Ц 3 PLACE

The podium brought together representatives of many cities of Murmansk region: Apatity, Monchegorsk, Murmansk, Kandalaksha, Polyarnye Zori. Not included in this list is what to aim at.

I congratulate winners and prize-winners on absolutely deserved result and all wanderings, not indifferent by winds, with painful expectation of a season Arktik Trofi 2017!


Dear adventurers!

Hereby we notify you that registration of participants "Arctic Trophy 2016" will be carried out on September 4, 2016 from 9 to 11 o'clock in Belomorye hotel of Kandalaksha.

Departure on a special-stage at 12:00.




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