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Комитет по физической культуре, спорту и туризму Мурманской области

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Old News


Let's go, beautiful, ride?

Start: On July 13, 2019 on ATV.

Duration: 4-5 days.


Dear adventurers, Arktik Trophy club wishes you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Also we wish in New Year of new dizzy competitions, fascinating an adventure and champagne bryzg on podiums.

Arktik Trophy 2018 showed a race of modernizations of vehicles, but we are not sure that it is correct. And in New year together with you we will look for justice in assessment of results of different level of athletes on very different cars and ATVs.

07.09.2018 In the fourth stage the rating is still headed by Apatity "Dark horse" and Finnish-Norwegian "Viking ofroad" (the first and second positions respectively), and here for "bronze" there is a cruel fight. Capital "Dandelion" – according to the general results was an applicant for the third place. But his main rival – the Murmansk crew Gulf Stream – has strengthened immunity in the fourth stage: the local team has pressed even not Muscovites, but the finnsko-Norwegian duet. Of course, it is difficult to surpass by one victory Scandinavians, and to here displace "Dandelion" from a pedestal – quite really

"Have skated" or 1:0 in favor of off road terrain. A half of participants "Arktik Trophy" have damaged cars

Anniversary season "Arktik Trophy" has overcome "equator". Following the results of three stages (and all 6 are planned) leaders have announced "Dark horse" (Apatity), "Viking ofroad" (Norway/Finland) and "Dandelion" (Moscow). However, even to call them potential winners early. First, capital "Toyota" is "breathed down the neck" by Murmansk Gulf Stream on UAZ – both in speed, and in care of passing of control points. Secondly, any "departure" from a race of one and more leaders can cardinally change a picture.

And breakages in way have already begun: it is process in the off-road inevitable, a question only in its scale. On the second and especially the third stages participants had to repair directly in the wood cars. So, at "Viking ofroad" the winch and shock-absorbers have suffered, "Dandelion" has begun to lose draft, at the KC-auto team which is making up for Gulf Stream (the Item. Dawns, Kandalaksha) the pendant hasn't sustained. The duet of Sobolevy "Art" from Apatity has arrived to the third finish only at night because of the damaged wheel. Before the team, went let and penultimate, but is quite sure.

However, even despite breakages, all crews have got out of the Kola jungle that already great success. So, last year at the third stage "Dark horse" which this time overtakes Toyotas and UAZs on the mysterious prototype has got stuck in the wood.

The day before athletes have brought as far as it is possible, in an order the cars. Today at the foot of Mount Kuelporr in Khibiny Mountains the start of the fourth stage has taken place.


"Arktik Trophy": to the apatitchena, northern neighbors and Muscovites continue to fight for the first place

In the second stage "Arktik Trophy" which has passed the day before all crews have escaped again, organizers of a race report. And if the first site was long in less, than 10 km, then this time athletes have overcome distance twice bigger.

Former top three: "Dark horse" (apatitchena), "Viking ofroad" (Finnish-Norwegian duet) and "Dandelion" (Moscow). Not less hot fight and between other participants was started. However their success depends not only on sequence with which SUVs finish. On the contrary, "Arktik Trophy" suitable anniversary the motto: easy does it. The additional requirement to participants – to visit on the way control points and to photograph them as the proof. And here not all cope with it "sports orientation". Many prefer to keep within test time, but it reduces their positions in rating.

Today at 10 in the morning the third stage started, now judges are on duty on a home straight.




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