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Комитет по физической культуре, спорту и туризму Мурманской области



Old News

05.06.2018 Heartily we congratulate our fellow countrymen Danov Konstantin, Matveenko Alexey and Danov Roman on a high sporting achievement – the honourable third place in "Ladoga Trophy 2018". We are proud that Arktik Trophy has exerted not the last impact on achievement of so high sports level by them. Bravo!

For real ATV sportsmen in a season of 2018 two subjects from Arctic Trophy club appear.

First and generally is a cup of Murmansk region on trophy raids "Arktik Trofi 2018". Distinctive feature of this year can become nashesty the Finnish ATV sportsmen. Arrival to five is expected teams. And it is a fine opportunity to domestic athletes to compare levels of training.

Second option. Big autonomous travel. It is ideal to drive, of course, to Cape Svyatoy Nos. But it, as we know, is in closed administrative-territorial that limits the national list of participants. The entertaining town of Varzino, with rich history and saturated route. The first half of July – fine time for tests.

We will count violent.


Periodically even to true patriots it becomes close at home country.

Here and now who that, and our companions ground "Dark horse" to the hard road on Ladoga-trofi in Apatity.

We will wish to our fellow countrymen and tovarishy to Danov Konstantin, Matveenko Alexey, Danov Roman competent preparation and GOOD LUCK on Ladoga-trofi 2018.

On May 26 start. We support ours!

06.05.2018 Not really important, but basic news: Arktik Trofi in a season of 2018 alters an organizational format, being transformed from the open championship to a cup of Murmansk region on trof to raids Arktik Trofi 2018. This metamorphosis will simplify the procedure of assignment of sports categories to participants.

Dear ladies and gentlemen. With a regret it is reported that this world was left by our companion – Alexander Skryganov. Farewell to Alexander will take place on January 13 from 8:30 till 9:00 in the BSO hall (to the address: Murmansk, Radishchev St., 29).

For many years Alexander was the chief judge Arktik Trofi and was an example of wisdom and adherence to principles. The Arktik Trofi club will lack it quiet judiciousness... but all this words and not to put our grief into words.




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