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 омитет по физической культуре, спорту и туризму ћурманской области



Old News



Organizers of "Arktik Trofi" plan to organize online broadcast of races which start from Kandalaksha on September 3.

"This year we plan online broadcasting, Ц the director of Arktik Trofi club Vladimir Ezhov has reported, Ц GPS navigators will be attached to cars and in real time it will be possible to observe how cars move on the route".

It will be possible to keep track of location and advance of participants on off road terrain. Organizers keep a route a secret so far, discussing the last details. Say only that thrill-seekers are waited by a difficult way to 400 km from White to the Barents Sea, through old forest and geological roads, Khibiny Mountains, hills, swamps and the woods. Experience of survival "on that side of a civilization" is required serious.

"Same not for mushrooms to leave, Ц Vladimir Ezhov has emphasized, Ц the person has to be capable to live in the wood, to repair the car in the wood, to get out of the wood, to be guided in the wood and so on. This rather serious test for the unprepared person. To assemble the car on competitions insufficiently Ц it is necessary to get up courage".

To get up courage many motorists have an opportunity still. Today fifteen participants, however the most admissible number of cars Ц 30 prepare for competitions. It is possible to submit the application, having addressed organizers of "Arktik Trofi" (information Ц in the section "Contacts" of the website).


The legendary offroad racing "Arktik Trofi" starts on September 3

It is already 24 on the account an offroad racing on the Kola Peninsula. Competitions start on September 3 in Kandalaksha and will take place within a week. During this time participants should overcome about 400 km and many obstacles in the forest area what Ц are in details thought over by organizers. Today they personally investigate an estimated route. According to them Ц in literal sense carry out audit of stones, hills and bridges on already familiar area.

Vladimir Ezhov is the director of Arktik Trofi club: "It seems so that the nature doesn't change. Well, let us assume, we had an intensive route in Khibiny Mountains, but the mining company and a route has begun to develop there it was necessary to change because on this place now mines. And so on, and so forth. Happens, the bridge last year was, you come in a year Ц no more. The small river is deep, you won't fly, you won't cross. Therefore organizers check all route, check whether on the place stones, hills, the rivers also think out difficulties for participants".

Every year organizers complicate routes, following technical novelties of automotive industry. It is already known that behind the Arctic trophy 15 cars will go, however collecting applications continues. "Limits" of competitions allow to double the number of participants. So far the race will take place under two flags Ц Russian and Norwegian, and the Norwegian teams Ц nearly a half.

Vladimir Ezhov is the director of Arktik Trofi club: "Norwegians very responsibly treat this action not the first year, and in it there come seven teams with intention to win they seldom managed that. They came big team enough about three years ago, but they didn't know what is "Arktik Trofi" and weren't ready to him morally. And they were developed on the middle of an action, having considered that we go there, from where, if they break, it will be impossible to be chosen. Therefore have decided that it is more important to them to arrive home, than to win first place and they have returned. Now they have analysed the mistakes and now are going to reach the end".


The top ten of friends /rivals on a competition of a rank of the winner Arktik Trofi 2017 waits for a meeting.

є Name The team The car Country/city Start number
1 Joony Waal, Oystein Hansen Patrol y60 Norway
2 Alexey Veselov, Per Morten Loberg Toyota Land Cruiser KZJ70 Russia/Norway 7
3 Mikhail Petrov, Belyanin Sergey UAZ 31519 Russia, Kandalaksha
4 Andreas Bildengjerdingen, Jo Are Eggen Nissan Patrol Y60 Norway
5 Alexander Zaitsev, Alexander Dvinin, Alexey Chychinov, Artemis Zaitsev UAZ 31512 Russia, Murmansk 18
6 Jorgen Johnsrud, Fredrik Hoiby Patrol y60 Norway
7 Christian Moen, Otto Rustand, Stein Fjeldheim, Trond Mjoes MB Gwagen Norway
8 Kenth-Stian Myklebust, Malene Diep Myklebust Mercedes G Norway
9 Kristian Haraldseth, Paal Sundbye Land Rover Discovery TDI Norway
10 Reutov Sergey, Kalashnikov Denis UAZ31514 Russia, Murmansk

Also we remind, in Arktik Trofi 2017 can't participate more than 30 cars.

07.11.2016 The first on Arctic Trophy 2017 the team from Norway as a part of Joony Waal and Oystein Hansen was declared.
Arctic Trophy 2017 will pass in traditional terms (the first week of September) Ц start 9/2/2017 in Kandalaksha. The finish Ц not later 9/10/2017



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