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Комитет по физической культуре, спорту и туризму Мурманской области

Мотоцентр Кольский



Old News


Despite the crisis of the organizers, Arctic Trophy fans thought it impossible for themselves to spend the first week of September on anything but a harsh hike on real adventures.

And as a result, on September 1, 9 units of special-purpose equipment, led by crews ready for a real off-road, to move out of the heart of Hibin (Uelpore Kuelpore) and not somewhere, and to the center of the Kola peninsula – uninvited Krasnoschelier! But that 's not all. They have to go back.

Adventure seekers from the cities of Moelv (Norway), Helsinki (everyone knows where), Moscow (Russia), Apatite, Monchenorsk, Murmansk, Kandalaksha, Polar Zori and perhaps Kiev will solve one question for themselves: "Are you ready to sing real?"

Envy them! And we wish you luck on the way!


Due to the escalated financial crisis in purses and minds of the organizer, the decision to announce a break in carrying out Arktik Trophy in 2019 is made.

And to hope what in 2020 participants will be more, the organizer is more organized, and co-investors, at last, will appear.

Here so.


Let's go, beautiful, ride?

Start: On July 13, 2019 on ATV.

Duration: 4-5 days.


Dear adventurers, Arktik Trophy club wishes you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Also we wish in New Year of new dizzy competitions, fascinating an adventure and champagne bryzg on podiums.

Arktik Trophy 2018 showed a race of modernizations of vehicles, but we are not sure that it is correct. And in New year together with you we will look for justice in assessment of results of different level of athletes on very different cars and ATVs.

07.09.2018 In the fourth stage the rating is still headed by Apatity "Dark horse" and Finnish-Norwegian "Viking ofroad" (the first and second positions respectively), and here for "bronze" there is a cruel fight. Capital "Dandelion" – according to the general results was an applicant for the third place. But his main rival – the Murmansk crew Gulf Stream – has strengthened immunity in the fourth stage: the local team has pressed even not Muscovites, but the finnsko-Norwegian duet. Of course, it is difficult to surpass by one victory Scandinavians, and to here displace "Dandelion" from a pedestal – quite really



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