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 омитет по физической культуре, спорту и туризму ћурманской области



Old News


Dear ladies and gentlemen. With a regret it is reported that this world was left by our companion Ц Alexander Skryganov. Farewell to Alexander will take place on January 13 from 8:30 till 9:00 in the BSO hall (to the address: Murmansk, Radishchev St., 29).

For many years Alexander was the chief judge Arktik Trofi and was an example of wisdom and adherence to principles. The Arktik Trofi club will lack it quiet judiciousness... but all this words and not to put our grief into words.

14.11.2017 .
08.11.2017 Waiting for anniversary (the 25th Arktik Trofi is planned 2018 for September 1-9, 2018) we will remind accomplices of AT17 as Fortuna treated them and that showed Skill Ц "the summary protocol". For those who have not enough the protocol we offer nostalgic "gallery" of Dmitry Ezhov. And if someone for any reason did not find in the protocol and a photo gallery of of darling or will rub the car, do not despair, you have ahead nearly a year of preparation for new claims for a competition of a rank of the fastest or the most beautiful.


Results "Arktik Trofi 2017"



Fight for superiority in the races "Arktik Trofi" is more and more intense. The day before on lack of roads of the Kirov and Apatity district the third stage took place and following the results the list of leaders cardinally changed. Only on September 3 from Kandalaksha went to trofi-raid, we will remind, thirteen teams. However now "in a system" Ц eleven.

"Dark horse" Ц team апатитчан which didn't concede on speed to two champion crews from Moscow Ц didn't reach the finish, having damaged a radiator.

"The team from Apatity wasn't let to the finish by the polutoratonny boulder which hid in a pool, Ц the director of Arktik Trofi club told, Ц the truth, the pool was about the small lake. Therefore remained to be repaired in the wood".

As a result the first, as well as in last stage, two capital teams finished. However at one of them chances of a victory sharply decreased: on the way at Nimal the gearbox glitched. It didn't stop champions of Russia Ц according to Vladimir Ezhov, for the first time for all history "Arktik Trofi" the car after damage continued a way by back run and in the same way crossed the finish.

Other question Ц whether participants will manage to repair "Toyota Land Cruiser" before the following start. Depends on it what to apply for Russian-Norwegian "Viking" who since the beginning of competitions pursues Muscovites and апатитчан. Because of the "Dark horse" which remained in the wood, the foreign crew took the third place, having released the fourth for the new leader Ц the Murmansk Gulf Stream team. Most likely, participants already like the known, but not "worn out" in trofi-raids yet wisdom: Easy does it. According to organizers, in the first stage they rushed with a speed, considerable for lack of roads, Ц about 80 km/h, and "now are accurately stolen".

The fourth stage which will add sports intrigues starts around Kuelporr base in Khibiny Mountains tomorrow. And today Ц day of repairs and rest: participants "Arktik Trofi" plan an excursion to the Kirov underground mine. Perhaps, Norwegians from the All Black team who get out of the wood now will manage to join them. Having left at the second stage and having carried out more than a day in a solitude, all of them could get "Mersedes".




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